Our Team

Kayla Haddix, Director of Operations


Kayla Haddix is an entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses.  With a proven track record of success spanning across multiple industries, she brings with her a level of compliance and operations knowledge that we are grateful to have. As the business owner of a Hemp based skincare line, Kayla has been personally invested in this amazing industry since 2016.  Prior to her owning her own Hemp based business, Kayla was working to de-stigmatize the cannabis plant through education which she believes is the key to healing our people and our planet. 

Chris Roy, Customer Relations Manager


Chris Roy comes to us with nearly a decade of experience in sales and customer service.  After years in oil and gas, Chris realized his true passion was in helping others and saw a way to fulfill his purpose within the hemp and CBD industry. Chris has a strong desire to replace single use plastics and textile goods with hemp alternatives, and to share his devotion regarding the value of medicinal, whole plant CBD. Continuously searching for ways to improve the lives of others, Chris knew he found his home with Pioneer Botanicals and their vision to produce the highest quality product available. 

Philip Pendergrass, Production Manager


Philip Pendergrass comes to us from CW Hemp and brings over 25 years of experience in production and manufacturing expertise to the team.  He thrives on managing a variety of different teams, maximizing team production, evaluating processes, improving throughputs and producing the best possible products for his clients.  He is fascinated by the medicinal qualities of the hemp plant and believes we have just scratched the surface of what the plant can do.  Given his various experience from the Environmental testing field to industrial hemp, the chance to help people is his underlying motivation and passion.  

The Founders

Stacy Cason - CEO


Stacy Cason is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse educational background. Following a fifteen year career in healthcare with a Masters of Science in Anesthesiology, Stacy obtained an executive Masters of Business Administration from University of Denver and made the career transition into real estate development, and is also alumni of the Advanced Management in Development Program at Harvard University. She co-founded Endurance Real Estate Partners, which currently develops and maintains a real estate portfolio of $50M in the greater Denver area, in addition to her land holdings in  her home state of Louisiana. She is an Ironman, a speaker/mentor, a philanthropist, and committed to continual learning. Hemp is a passion to Stacy because of its natural holistic healing properties which can be used in lieu of opioids, combined with the excitement of an innovative new industry.

Joshua Owen


Josh Owen is an innovative designer, creative artist, and a fifteen year construction and real estate development entrepreneur with a track record of successful investment ventures. In 2004 Josh founded Cornerstone Associates, Inc., a design and construction company.  While leading this firm, Josh transitioned into real estate development. Inspired by personal results with CBD as a natural pain remedy and by the science of medicinal cannabis with zero psychoactive effects he devoted himself to the hemp industry. This passion served as the foundation for the creation of Pioneer Botanicals. Josh is alumnus of the Advanced Management in Development Program at Harvard University, where his capstone project was an in depth study of the medicinal benefits of hemp derivatives.

Shawn Owen


Shawn Owen is an entrepreneur with experience in management and ownership of enterprise operations with a passion for systems development, business operations, product delivery, and client service. Shawn became involved with blockchain technology through his advocacy of bitcoin in early 2011. He frequently speaks and writes on Blockchain technology and digital currencies. A dynamic and energetic operator with 23 years in business operations with proven track record of progressive graduation of growth both personal and professional, Shawn has experience in both corporate structure globally administered and owner operated concepts.

Operational Partner


Espial Biotech

Robert Wohleb, PhD has a longstanding history of successful ventures into advanced chemistry, with a doctorate from University of California, already three patents in the U.S., and another pending for this extraction system. Along with an outstanding team at Espial, he has invented this revolutionary new process for extracting valuable cannabidiols from the hemp plant which has its first large production facility with Pioneer in Colorado.