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Looking for high-quality broad-spectrum acidic-precursor cannabinoids? Look no further! 

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We are a water-based cannabinoid extraction service based in northern Colorado, centered on producing the highest-quality cannabinoid rich products focused on sustainability, health, and improved quality of life.

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Revolutionary Water-Extracted Cannabidiol

Bringing the first of its kind to Colorado, Pioneer Botanicals will transform the way you think about hemp cannabidiol extraction! We have the most innovative & efficient extraction technique, which delivers only the highest quality cannabidiol product. It is our belief and our goal that the plant-medicine of CBD can replace addictive and harmful pharmaceuticals for so many people.

Crystalline Cannabinoid Concentrate ("C3") TM is broad-spectrum total cannabinoids >90% in powder!

Crystalline Cannabinoid Concentrate ("C3") TM

Because this proprietary process does not use harmful chemicals or flammables, we believe it provides not only a safer working environment for our team, but also a healthier superior product for the end-consumer.  Our high-efficiency natural extraction process produces a broad-spectrum CBDa powder that is odorless & tasteless, making it the perfect blank canvas for a vast variety of end-consumer products. Check our "research" tab for the latest in research showing how RAW cannabinoids, in acidic precursor form, is superior to the decarboxylated CBD commonly seen! We also have formulations of 1:1 CBDa:CBD for our revolutionary drink additive that is completely clear!

This is a drink additive from our C3 broad spectrum - Completely clear!

Colorado Proud

Every member of Pioneer Botanicals has a personal story regarding CBD and how it changed their life or the life of a loved one for the better. Because of that personal connection we sought to find the purest and healthiest form of solventless CBD extraction to provide our customers with the highest quality CBD ever produced. Check out our team of experts for your industrial hemp processing needs, and see how we can help you achieve your goals!

Buy early!! We have high-quality hemp Seeds to Sell!

Pure Abacus Seeds


COAs obtained, these seeds are from a crop grown beautifully in a remote area, and were not cross-pollinated. CBD >10% with these plants. Germination tests show 98%. Buy now and SAVE!! 

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Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that the hemp seeds we sell have certificates of analysis to confirm the specific details of these products, we cannot guarantee the performance of the plants grown.

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